Kanazawa Walking Tours Team

Meet the team behind Kanazawa Walking Tours. Here you will find the profiles of our private tour guides

Guide Lead: Gavin

Profile: I'm from Europe, and I came to Kanazawa 15 years ago. I love Kanazawa so much that I married a local! I'm a native speaker of English and I speak and read Japanese well, too. I am a fully licensed Kanazawa tour guide, and I look forward to showing you the uniqueness of this beautiful city.

Specialty: Activities, History, Story-telling

Interests: Cycling, DIY, Asking Questions!

Guide: Nozomi

Profile:Originally from Tokyo, but had education in India (Mumbai), Singapore and US (California) since the age of eight due to father's business transfers. Have also lived in London and Paris. Being an ex-cheerleader, I consider myself to be outgoing and fun, but a good listner at the same time. I am a fully licensed Kanazawa tour guide, and look forward to meeting you and guiding you to the best of my ability.

Speciality: Traditional Arts & Crafts (kaga yuzen, kutani pottery, gold leaf), Culture, History, Sports, Activities

Interests: Travelling, Eating out, Festivals, Meeting people

Guide: Yumiko

Profile: I'm from one of nearby cities of Kanazawa, and a fully licensed Kanazawa tour guide. I’ve loved Kanazawa city since I was learning English Education in Kanazawa University located in the current Kanazawa Castle Park. I believe you will be a big fan of this beautiful, historic city like I am! I am happy to be a dedicated supporter of your enjoyable trip and a friend of yours.

Specialty: Japanese Culture

Interests: Traveling and Movie

Guide: Aiko

Profile: Born and lived in Kanazawa. I’m a fully licensed Kanazawa tour guide. I enjoy the tour around this charming city. 

Specialty: Japanese Culture and food

Interests: Watching TV, movie and tennis match

Guide: Tony

Allow me to guide you through the ancient historical city of Kanazawa, filled with touring spots and hidden attractions surrounded by nature, Shirakwa-go and Takayama area.  I can take you to spots where you can feel the culture through scent, scenery, and sound.  The gastronomy of Kanazawa is also one of a kind and there are many restaurants where you can enjoy the special cuisine.
It would be my pleasure to take you through venues according to your preference. Through my living experience in the U.S. Europe and Mexico, I can be the cultural bridge between Kanazawa and YOU . I am a national licensed guide interpreter and have a black belt in Judo.

Guide: Natsuko

Profile: I was born and raised in Kanazawa except for one year when I had the chance to experience living in Seattle, USA. I am a mother of two adult daughters and a sushi aficionado!  And a lover of our beautiful city of Kanazawa. 

Specialty: Sushi, Japanese cuisine, History, Shopping.

Interests: Travel, Good Food, Making Accessories

Manager: Mike

Profile: Originally from Dublin, Ireland. I've traveled and lived around the world but now call Kanazawa home.

Specialty: Culture, Food & Photography

Interests: Music Travel and Sake