Kyoto Full Day Private Tour

A full day tour will allow you to deeply explore Kyoto, with your own private guide. Your private guide will collect you from your hotel (or wherever you specify). This tour is fully adaptable to your needs

Price: 39,500 yen  (Incl 1~6 people)

Time: 7 hours

Refundable Booking Deposit: 8,000 yen (remainder paid on the day)

Itinerary Outline:

1: Pick up at hotel lobby (or other suitable place)

2: Go to at least two of the areas in 'Highlights' list below

3: Lunch

4: Go to two more areas on the Highlights list

5: Drop back to your hotel or desired location

Highlights (note that this is a walking tour. Some of the below are only available with our driving tours)

A: Gesiha District (Gion)
B: Kinkaku (The Golden Pavilion) Rokuin-ji Temple
C: Kennin-ji (Oldest Zen Temple in Kyoto)
D: Higashiyama District
E: Fushimi-inari (Temple of 1000 Gates)
F: Nishiki Market

G: Ryoanji Temple (Zen Stone Garden)
H: Themed Tours Available. For example, “Food in Kyoto”, “Historical Kyoto”, “Kyoto Crafts”, “Kyoto Photo Tour”, etc. Please let us know your requests.