Kanazawa's Kenrokuen Gardens Tour

Kanazawa's Kenrokuen Garden Tour is a must do for those wishing to experience the perfect Japanese garden. 

Since the Edo Era (1603~) Kenrokuen Garden has been regarded as one of the most beautiful feudal gardens in all Japan. There is so much to see, such as the Kotoji-toro (lantern with features of a Japanese ‘harp’), the island with the ageless hermit, the lake and natural water fountain, the tea houses, and so much more. Plum and cherry blossoms can be seen in spring, azaleas and irises in early summer, leaves with hues of red and yellow in autumn/fall, and snow and yukizuri (traditional snow ropes) in winter. Let Kanazawa Walking Tours transform your time there into a breathtaking experience!

1.Meeting Point / Collection Point

2.Kotoji Toro/Uchihashi Tea House/Kasumigaike Lake – Breathtaking photo opportunity

3.Karasaki Matsu – Beautifully sculpted sprawling black pine tree planted by the 13th lord

4.Hanami Bashi – Flower viewing bridge

5.Yamatotakeru Statue – Find the three hidden animals and hear the amazing stories

6.Plum Grove – To give balance to the cherry blossoms and majestic pines

7.Hisago-Ike Pond – Learn why this represents perpetual youth and longevity

… and much much more to list up!

*The above order of visiting is an example, and may be changed depending on the direction of approach to Kenrokuen Gardens (please leave it to us!)