Kanazawa Geisha District Tour

The Kanazawa Geisha district tour will introduce you to this beautiful and intriguing quarter of Kanazawa city’s long held culture and charm. Allow us to take you down the enchanting back streets to visit the less commercial aspects of this charming tea district. Where untouched enclaves take you back to samurai times when this entertainment district was in its heyday. 

A selection of the following will be included on your tour of this district:

  1. Higashi Chaya District
  2. Noh Mask work shop
  3. Visit Tea Masters Garden
  4. Visit Traditional 8th Generation Miso Factory (still in production) 
  5. Utatsu Shrine
  6. The old Road to Edo (Kokoro no michi) 
  7. The Martyrs Temple 
  8. Visit Merchant’s Traditional house
  9. Princess Street
  10. 5th Generation Tea District Supplier
  11. Kazuemachi Chaya District
  12. Kuragari-zaka (steps of perpetual darkness)
  13. Geiko(Geisha) Stables
  14. **Traditional Tea House overlooking the river to sample some of the local tea and sweets
  15. **Enjoy Kanazawa's age old tradition of gold leaf craft. Make a set of gold leaf chopstick to take home with you. An instructor will take you through the process. 

**A small additional fee will be charged by the merchant

More Details

First, we will take you through the winding street to where they make traditional Noh masks, a craft tradition spanning centuries, supplying Kanazawa noh theatre with traditional wood carved masks.

Moving swiftly onto the Tea masters garden we expose you to the wonders of the traditional tea gardens and the elements that contribute to the serenity of this well-manicured gem.

Then onto the oldest Miso factory in Ishikawa, this factory has been in production since the Edo period and spanning at least 8 generations. They specialize in the traditional production of Miso using Koji fungus during the process. See the traditional building its commerce hatch and internal intricacies steeped in history and tradition, very much alive today.

We will then meander on through to the Utatsue shrine where we discover the concealed entrance to the Road to Edo, a historical path from Kanazawa to Tokyo, tread down my monks, merchants and artists with the desire to keep the shogun of Edo satisfied with gifts.

A visit to the martyr’s temple is a must on this tour to understand the rebellious nature of the area and a drop in to the districts main tea supplier is a fragrant experience with an opportunity to take home some of the sweet matcha powder ground here.

Then over to Kazuemachi, the less travelled but not less intriguing gem, it is quieter with tighter back streets and home to the Kuragari-zaka (stair of perpetual darkness), a fascinating tale lies in this secluded quarter. Active Geisha(geiko) stables are in this part of the district and you can hear the traditional instruments vibrate through the walls of this lattice lined backstreets.

**Finally, we can sample some of the districts finest matcha(green tea) in one of the authentic tea houses. Overlooking the Asanogawa river we get the opportunity to reflect on the mornings tour.

**This is optional and an additional fee will be charged by the merchant