Kanazawa Tour Experiences

Enhance your tour experience by selecting one of our favorite tour activities. This page describes some of the extras that can easily be built into your custom tour to enhance your experience on the day.

Tea Ceremony

In Kanazawa, the tea ceremony culture has prospered under the encouragement of successive lords, and the culture to savour tea became widespread even among local citizens by the 17th century. Saisetsu-tei is one of the oldest tea ceremony rooms in Kanazawa located in the Nishida Family's Private Garden. It is known for its history which is 120 years older than Kenroku-en (one of Japan's three famous gardens). There, you can experience a private tea ceremony while enjoying the beautiful garden.

Kaga Yuzen (Kimono Silk Dyeing)

Kaga Yuzen traditionally depicts beautiful natural scenes, such as flowers, birds and landscapes. The materials used (dyeing paste) are made up of 5 basic colours; indigo, crimson, ocher, purple and black. The traditional craft of Kaga Yuzen is over 500 years old and really flourished in Kanazawa under the patronage of the Kaga clan.

Meet with our Kaga Yuzen master in Kanazawa to experience personally the exclusive hand craft of Kimono dyeing. Try your hand at the art while hearing the intriguing stories of how the ancient craft is still maintained by the Kaga Yuzen Master. Exclusively available to our client at Kanazawa Walking Tours.

Reiki Session

Experience the relaxing and healing energy of Reiki with a qualified Reiki Master. Our local Master, Fumi, with over 10 years experience as a master, offers call-outs in the Kanazawa area. Call out sessions can be booked for 60 minutes.

Recommended by KWT staff, this is a great way to relax the mind after a busy day touring. Sessions can be booked as part of your tour or independentlyBook a session here 

Read more about Reiki and Fumi in our Kanazawa People Blog 

Kanazawa Gold Leaf Crafts

From over 1,200 years ago, when Togoro discovered gold in the surrounding mountains, Kanazawa has been known for the precious, yellow metal. The Samurai Maeda Clan encouraged goldsmith artisans to develop the craft, and the art of gold leaf flourished. Even today, almost 100% of the gold leaf used in Japan is produced in Kanazawa.

Try your hand at making crafts with this precious metal with Kanazawa Tours. Everything you make is yours to take home with you, making it a unique souvenir full of memories from Kanazawa, a UNESCO city of crafts.

Workshop lasts 1 hour

Wagashi Japanese Confectionery Making

Wagashi is a famous traditional Japanese confectionary. From olden times, imaginative, original, beautiful and delicate wagashi has been created as the tea ceremony culture thrived in Kanazawa and Kyoto. This gives the client an opportunity to design his or her own handmade Japanese confectionery to take home.

Workshop last around an 1 hour