Kanazawa Castle Park Tour

Feel the power and influence of the Lords of Kanazawa by visiting the Kanazawa Castle grounds and park area. View the beautiful white lead roof tiles, touch the formidable Ishikawa Mon gate, and enjoy the tranquility of Lord Maeda’s personal gardens. The defenses and grounds were constructed over hundreds of years as the country changed from war to peace, making them a combination of the best craftsmanship, ingenuity and design of the Edo period. Join Kanazawa Walking Tours to make sure you don’t miss anything on your trip though this historical and political center of Kanazawa.

1.Meeting Point / Collection Point

2.Ishikawa Mon Gate – Castle defenses and strategy

3.Hashizue and Kahoku Mon Gates  - View the Castle Park from these vantage points

4.Imori Castle Moat – One of Kanazawa’s 20 moats, the final barrier before the castle 

5.Hishi & Tsuzuki Yagura (defense turrets) – Manned defenses protecting the gates

6.Gojikken Nagaya – The Lord’s storehouse

7.Gyosen’in-maru Garden – The extensive private garden of the Lord of the Domain

*The above order of visiting is an example, and may be changed depending on the direction of approach to the castle park (please leave it to us!)