Artisan Tours

Exclusive access to world renowned Japanese Artists. Get an insight into some of the most impressive artists in Kanazawa. Kanazawa tours provides exclusive one to one access for our guests. Sit down and have Tea with one of the masters and hear an explanation about their work and inspiration.

Toshio Ohi (11th Generation), Ceramics

Ohi was born the first boy of 10th Ohi Chozaemon in Kanazawa. He finished his master in Boston University, 1984. Since his 20’s, he has been seeking to cultivate the meaning of ceramic art and to straddle genre, and has been motivated by pioneering the future of ceramic art. He has been transmitting his art to Kanazawa, everywhere in Japan, and all over the world. He is a multi-talented artist leading modern ceramic art in the world.He suggested the “Kanazawa World Industrial Arts Town Declaration” and produced “Kanazawa World Industrial Arts Competition” and other related events, resulting in prize of “Kanazawa Cultural Activity Award”. His ceramic works are located all over the world 

Toshiharu Hisatsune, (Kaga Yuzen), Kimono Dyeing

Hisatsune-san describes how he wanted to be part of a traditional craft where he could take ownership of the entire process. He has even managed to create his own unique methods of natural dye extraction. The colours he uses now have been harnessed from natural products such as cherry blossoms, grapes, berries or plant extracts. He describes the collection of fallen imperial cherry blossoms from Oyama shrine to the perfection of the extraction methods to release the precious pigment and finally the actual painting of the dye onto the silk. He describes and illustrates an extraordinary commitment to the craft, which can only really be appreciated at his workshop.