Kanazawa Samurai District Tour

The Kanazawa Samurai District tour takes you back in time to one of the best preserved Samurai Districts in Japan. The streets are lined with mud & straw walls encapsulating the unspoilt extravagance of the Samurai era. Let us take you through this romantic enclave on a trip back in time with Kanazawa Walking Tours.

  1. Meeting Point / Collection Point
  2. Aishigaru houses - Foot Soldiers houses
  3. Takeda Residence  - Gates, Gardens and Stables
  4. Nomura House - A restored samurai residence - Relax and try tea in the tea house 
  5. Kutani Crafts - A display of some of Ishikawa's finest crafts
  6. A stroll along the backstreets of this beautifully preserved samurai town
  7. Samurai Garden – a garden left in trust to the people of Kanazawa